Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 18

Started off the day by wearing the scratchyist pair of paints in history. A fact that I did not realize until I was 1/2 way to work.  Thinking I was late for the EPY pen training I could not go back and change. Five minutes from work I felt a sharp sting or pinch in my upper left shoulder. I thought it was my bra strap pinching my skin so I reached back there but that did not help. It was still stinging me.  I then thought that some how my itchy pants had spread to my upper back.  But the stinging got worse and worse. 

By the time I got to work there was a huge welp on my back. I started to freak out a little at that point. I thought some strange alien bug had got into my shirt, spent the entire summer there growing and was just waiting for me to ware said shirt again to try and kill me! Yes that is the way my brain works.  I ran back out to the car to see if I could capture the alien creature and be on the H2 show Ancient Aliens and meet big hair guy and found a common Earth bee in my seat. 

This bee-and yes I kept it!

This would have seemed very appropriate seeing that we had EPY pen training that morning if it were not for the fact that the meet is actually tomorrow and  I  got up early and rushed to work to make a meeting that, in fact did not exist.

"I am fading"

Kindergarden is always fun especially at the beginning of the year. I compare it to herding ants. But they are just so darn cute. This little guy told me he was hungry. I asked if he had eaten lunch. He assured me he had but was a growing boy and needed more food then most people. Then the next thing I know he was ever so slowly sliding out of his chair and under the table. I have seen snails move faster. I asked if he was okay and he said "I am fading, I am so hungry I am fading". OMG right? Just too cute for words. 

Then right as we were lining up to leave another student had an "accident" all over the floor. Not so cute. I have to say our janitorial staff is just awesome!!!

The kids seemed to really like the shiny, itchy pants. One 1st grade student wanted  to take a photo of them because they were so shiny. Here is what happens when you give a 1st grader your iPhone....
I am headless! I guess he really did only want a photo of the pants!

The best part of my day was when a new 4th grader told me her old art teacher told her "she was very lucky to be going to Mrs. Darter's art class, I want to be just like her". Thank you new student's old art teacher!!!

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