Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Artful Excursions...

I love learning about art...all kinds of art. I take classes when ever I can and where ever I can.
I lived in Florence, Italy to study Advanced Drawing and Art History, I have gone to Providence, RI. to become a certified Zentangle teacher. I went to both of Cassie Stephens' Art Scouts...the one in Ohio and the other in Tennessee. This past summer I went to Savannah College of Art and Design for a teacher retreat... it was amazing and I highly recommend you going as well. I have also gone to New Orleans and New York City for the National Art Educators conventions. I just love traveling and I love taking art classes. 

I recently returned from Raleigh, North Carolina where I attended the Art of the Carolinas which is put on by Jerry's Artarama

I had an amazing time. It was just so fun to forget about teaching and taking professional development class for a change and just focus in on my own art work. It was just the greatest feeling to allow myself some time to do my own thing. I went with a very good friend and my bookbinding teacher Ginna Cullen, which also made it wonderfully special. We stayed in a remodeled Hilton and it was just grand. I love the way they made the lobby a nice place to hang out and talk with your old friends and meet new ones.

My first class on Thursday morning was with Joe DiGiulio - Energizing your Abstracts
Joe is a fun and inspiring teacher...unless you do not bring you art supplies and then he changes into your old college teacher who got onto you for... not bringing your art supplies to class! I enjoyed this class and would differently recommend it if you need to loosen up some on your paintings.

Looking at a blank canvas looking back at me is a little scary....So...

we started off with some background glazing on canvas, which eased us into our work.

Next we just added on another color.

We moved on to practice paper...

then painted our practice paper.

We had a lunch break while our work was drying. Hubby does wood working from trees so I took these photos of the beautiful hotel lobby to get him inspired to make me a table and planters! 
Fingers crossed!

My practice paper started piling up all over the floor.

Thursday night I had The Fine Art of Printmaking with Amy Nack
Amy is a Speedball representative.

We saw Amy in the lobby one night and invited her over to join us. She is an amazing person and has
an amazing studio located Boise, Idaho called Wingtip Printmaking Studio. The studio is named after the shoes her father use to wear. After a while another Speedball rep showed up and it turned into an epic party in the lobby!

Amy Nack

I even loved my scrap prints!

Day 2 Friday... I had Joe again for Geometric Abstracts in the morning.

Love, love, loved this class!!! I could be spontaneous yet controlled at the same time!

On Friday Jerry's Artarama opens up a mini-store in the ballroom and OMG... the line is super long but the prices are worth it. There is canvas and paint for 50% of. There were professional artists in line buying all their canvas for an entire year!!! 

Friday night was Inspired Florals with a Palette Knife with Kim Maselli
The class was amazingly...hard! I do not paint usually and I have never painted with a palette knife. There is a learning curve here people!!! But I loved every second of it. I am sure I put the paint on way to thick but it was sooooo much fun. I do not paint much because I am allergic to acrylic and synthetic materials. I have a very strong chemical sensitivity so it was had to be in the room with and the fumes. There were also people using oil paints so I was a little light headed when I left but it was still worth it. Not sure I will every paint like this again but I am so glad I tried it.

She had asked everyone to bring floral photos...somehow I missed that... so I used this photo from Pinterest as my inspiration piece. As you can see I need more practice!   

On the second one I just made it up. I figured how could I go wrong if no one know what the original photo looked like! (although my head knows....and that's not it)!  But overall I was pleased with my first attempt.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Parabolic Curve Sunflowers...

This is a very simple and easy way to add a STEAM project to you curriculum. The center of the sunflower is a Parabolic curve. Once you show this to the kids they will be drawing it everywhere. Their doodles will start to look like technical drawings. 

What is a Parabolic curve you may ask... It is a curve where any point is at an equal distance form: a fixed point (the focus), and a fixed straight line (the directix).  

I simply tell the kids its a way to draw circles using only straight lines. They say "no way" and then fall in love with the process. 

To get started you will need a pencil, a ultra fine tipped Sharipie, a ruler, a sheet of 12x18 white paper, a sheet of 9x9 inch black construction paper and a circular protractor. If you are not able to get a class set of the round protractors for your kids then just get one and trace it on white poster board, cut it out and number it..easy peezy!

Click HERE to buy the Circular Protractor on Amazon

Step 1.
Using a pencil trace all the way around the circular protractor.
Make sure the protractor is placed in the lower left corner of the paper making sure to leave room to add the petals for your flower.

Step 2. 
 Place a hash mark by each whole number.

Using a ruler connect two hash lines together. It does not matter which 2 you connect on the first one. Keep in mind the farther apart the connections the smaller the center circle will be. The closer the connection the bigger the center circle.

Step 4. 
The next line connection will be the next two hash marks.

Step 5. 

You should continue all the way around the circle until every hash mark has 2 lines touching it.

Step 6. 
Put down your pencil an get a ultra fine tipped Sharpie.

Step 7. 
Repeat the same process however this time change the distance of your first line connection. 
Remember the farther apart the connections the smaller the center circle will be. The closer the connection the bigger the center circle.

Step 8. 
Using your Sharpie add the petals. Connect your petals from one hash mark to the next.
Also take this time to outline the large circle you drew with the protractor in Sharpie.


All the way around your circle.

Step 9.
Watercolor paint... 
I used red-orange, orange and yellow at the last ring before the center.

I used yellow-orange on the petals and brown and yellow-orange at the center.

Step 10. 
Cut out your flower in a circle first then cut out each individual petal. This will make your life much easier!!! Cut out your petals in a bubble cut...meaning you leave a little white showing.

Step 11. (optional)

Use a round object or tool and run it around the outside edge of your flower between the flower and petals. 

This process will help you bend the petals up. 

Step 12.
Glue the Sunflower to the center of a sheet of 9x9 Inch black construction paper.

Step 13.

Use a stencil brush or toothbrush to splash brown watercolor paint over your flower.

Step 14.
Now use white tempera paint and flick it all over your flower and black paper.

The next section is optional...

Trace 1/2 way around your protractor, add the hash marks to EVER OTHER whole number.

Connect the petals to each hash line. Make sure these petals are slightly bigger then the previous ones you created on your flower.

Repeat the same step again this time trace slightly bigger then 1/2 the protractor. 

Out line them with Sharpie, paint them and then cut them out.
Attach them with glue around the outside of your flower.

TaDa....A parabolic sunflower.


You can use the circular protractor to connect the lines instead of a ruler. It's not a parabolic curve anymore but it's awesome!