Thursday, September 10, 2015

Today's Art Room Report

Day 19

It's strange when the day is uneventful especially when you are trying to write a blog post about the crazy things that happen to an elementary art teacher. Does not give you much to write about. But in the teaching world having an uneventful day can sometime be a blessing. We did have the EPY pen training that I thought was yesterday so I got to shoot a grapefruit full of adrenaline. That was exciting. 

Not really sure what the obsession has been with my pants in the last couple of days? I am starting to feel like Cassie Stephens....without the coolness she has of course. But at least this time I have a head! That is me showing 2nd grade about patterns and complementary colors. I can also see I have lost a few pounds since the latter photo. Nice to know the no flour and no sugar life style is working since not eating those things is making me a little light headed!

I did have a kindergardener ask if he could add color to his self-portrait so it would "come to life". That was an awe moment. 

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