Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Henna Hands Project...

 the Elements of Art: Line

India Traditional Bridal Henna 

While body adornment dates back over 5,000 years, it's generally used today to express luck and happiness, and is often featured at ceremonial events like weddings and births. If you attend a traditional Indian wedding, henna will almost always be a part of the celebrations. Henna paste is made from a powder derived from the henna plant. It has been used for centuries as a natural dye for hair and nails as well. The temporary dye is now most  used as part of the Indian marriage celebration.


Photo Credit: Amit Dave/Reuters


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Lesson 4. Design Hands

Step 1. Using a pencil, trace around your hand and part of your wrist and arm.


Step 2.  Turn our paper once to a different side. Using a pencil, trace around your hand and

part of your wrist and arm again. This hand will over-lap the first hand.


Step 3. Turn our paper once to a different side.Using a pencil, trace around your hand and part of your wrist and arm again. 

This hand will overlap the first two hands.



Step 4. Outline all your hands with a sharpie or black marker or pen. This may get confusing with all the overlapping 

hands so go slow and take your time.



Step 5. Using a sharpie create the henna designs inside your hands. Remember that

when ever you come to a line you need to change your design.


Step 5. You will be using markers for this project. Pick out several markers for your color pallet. Your pallet can be either cool or....warm.

or warm...


Step 6. Pick your first color and make sever dots on the page.



Step 7. Now pick your next colors and continue circling the dot until all of the negative space is full. The negative space is anywhere the hands are not. 

Remember the hands will stay black and white, only the background has color.


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