Sunday, September 29, 2019

Scrappy Creatures...

 One of my very favorite adult art lessons to teach is
Scrappy Creatures.
What is so surprising is that so much cuteness comes out of
a wire hanger and plastic shopping bags. 
After learning this lesson I realized it would be an amazing
way to upcycle or recycle all those useless plastic bags that just get
used one time and then wind up in the oceans harming the sea life.

Plus I just love clearance sale stuff! I just keep buying it and
telling hubby "it's for my Scrappy Creatures". It really makes
my hordes of material and pompoms sound legitimate!

 This is Poosette, he found his forever home this summer.

 And this is Zooset.

 This is parent night at my school. We had a blast creating new creatures.

This is Farris who was a gift to the worlds best book binding teacher.

 This is my amazing class from the Center for the Arts in Manassas, Virginia at Windy Knoll Farms.
So so so cute!

This is Geffory, he went to his forever home last year.

This is Ms. Pauletta Peadmont, she also found her forever home last year.

Welcome to the world Delila!

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