Sunday, December 30, 2018

4th Grade Florescent Mandalas...

This was such a fun project...everyone just loved it. It is not my lesson, I got this idea from Natalie Waggenspack. You need to follow her Instagram page @natty241 or her blog at Natalie is an amazingly talented elementary art teacher. We use to work in the same school district so I can tell you first hand how awesome she is! 

I did this with 4th grade and they came out great! 
I had my kiddos do this project a little differently from Natalie's.
We use 18 x 24 inch paper and neon tempera cake paint. 

We started in the center and worked our way out to the edges.

The paper was so big I had kids working all over the floor.
They loved it.

When the neon paint circles covered the entire page I gave the kids black watered-down tempera paint to create their designs with. 

This is the paint we used, you can buy it HERE on Amazon. 

This is our inspiration piece from @natty241
Isn't is amazing!

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