Friday, September 23, 2016

STEAM Project 2nd Grade Plant Roots...

2nd grade is creating a STEAM project using the plant life cycle and the root system.
We used the paper in portrait and created the ground level 1/4th the way from the top of the page. Next we added 2 or 3 types of plants or flowers above the ground level. 
Then the fun part...start adding in the roots below the ground level. Have the roots underlap each other and fill the page. 

You can add in the rain and an ant farm if you would like.

This student added a back story to her work...There is a bee to do the pollination and then there is a slug who wanted to fly like the bee but could not so he got a fan and jumped in front of it so he could fly like the bee! Oh yeah I love my job!

We watercolor painted the drawings. But remember this is art...the ground does not have to be brown and the roots do not have to be green. Use your creativity to paint your picture.

The next step is to take a wire and shape it like a root.
tape the ends and the center to the table.

Place a 8 x 11 inch white paper over the wire and do a texture rub.

Turn the paper and add more colors.
See what you come up with...

Using your wire rubbings and come bright construction paper create at lease 2 flowers by cutting and collaging them together. Make sure to have layers in your work.

We also looked at the work of artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

Students painted large oversized flowers that hang off the page in the style of Georgia O'keeffe.

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