Monday, September 26, 2016

2nd Grade Name Lines, Circles, Warm and Cool...

First write your name big in Block letters using a Sharpie. If you have 3 or fewer letters in your name (like I do, Lee) then also use the first letter of your last name.

Next step is to fill the page with lines using a ruler or other straight edge. 

Next fill the page with circles making sure to cut through your name somewhere.
I have saved up and been donated a lot of plastic lids that we use as tracers.

When you start to color your project you have to choose if you want the warm colors inside your name or the cool colors. Which ever you choose for your name then the other colors go outside your name. Here Diego has selected to do the cool colors in side his name so the warm colors will be outside his name.

Cool in side
Warm outside

Here Yani has selected to do the warm colors inside his name so he will use the cool colors outside his name. Remember to change colors every time you come to a line.

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