Sunday, August 21, 2016

Today's Art Room Blog...

Day 86...

The table from my school is now back in my studio. Hubby gave me this table back in 2002
it was an awesome gift. Now I just need to get it to fit in the space...maybe try getting some of the other things out, you know the 1000 other art supplies I have. 1000 might be to low of a number.
What is scary is there are about to open a Hobby Lobby right by my house. 

I was minding my own business working in my studio and hubby came in with his....thing. It does not even look real he says it is a fruit. It looks like something out of the movie Avitar. I had to post it on Facebook to figure out what it is and if I could really eat it. It is a Dragon fruit. How could I have lived my whole life and never seen this in the grocery store?
I did not try it, I am just not that brave when it comes to eating. I order grilled cheese a seafood restaurants. But hubby said it was great. It's like natures yogurt in it's own container. I do love the colors of the packaging though.

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