Saturday, July 2, 2016

Art Journal Step-by-Step...

Day 2. Use something from where you are as a stamp...I am on the way to the beach so I used a shell. You can also use a regular stamp that expresses how you feel or create an 
easy stamp of your own.
Today I am using my altered book to journal in. I have my craft acrylics and several different types of stamps.

Acrylic background

My fishy stamp

The shell hubby found at the beach last year. I personally do not collect shells, I just do not think we should take anything away from the spaces we visit except photos. 

I date stamp I bought at Donna Downey Studios
Donna has some awesome art classes in North Carolina and she is just the cutest bug of a person. Love her art space.

If you do not have a stamp you can create your own using only styrofoam, a pen, markers and a little water. Click HERE for the link on how to do this simple printing process.

And my finished stamped project --My Shell Stamp

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