Sunday, November 15, 2015

Printmaking Walk-Up Workshop VAEA 2015 Step-by-Step Lesson Plan...

You can by this Scratch foam from Dick Blick or any of the big art supply companies.
You can also ask your local grocery store to donate meat trays if you are low on funding.
I have also seen the foam trays at the Dollar Store from time to time.

Cut a 1.5 inches wide template

Tract it over your foam sheet 

Then cut the strips in to 1.5 inch  x 1.5 inch squares . 
The styrofoam can be cut on a large cutting board.

With a ball point pen create a design.

Use washable markers to color you styrofoam printing plate.

Color the plate 

Cut a cheep, dollar store sponge the same size as your styrofoam plate, in this example 
it's 1.5 inches.

Let the sponge soak up some water from the lid of a 
plastic container.
While you are coloring your plate let the sponge sit on your paper.

Right before you go to print press the sponge evenly. 
You want to wet the paper but not let water run out the sides.
You also want to get your nails done before you have your hand photographed!!!

Put you plate, marker colored side down on the wet paper.
Do not let the plate move once you place it on the paper.

 Use your ball point pen as a baren. Make sure you hold
one side of the plate as you burnish the other.
Pull back part of the plate to make sure you ink has transferred. 

Then pull your plate.

Rub the plate dry with a paper towel and repeat...

You should allow your students to try this several times
in their art journals before they move to the good paper.
This process takes a little practice to get use to.
I use 90# white sulphite paper by Pacon

I am so excited...the Art of Education web site mentioned my printmaking workshop and we have had over 7.5 thousand plus hits...So cool!


  1. Replies
    1. is simple and easy and you will love it. Please send a photo when you try it out.

  2. I've been doing a variation on this for some time now but I am struggling to find an appropriate paper that's not too expensive. What have you been using?

    1. I use 80 or 90# white sulphite paper

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    3. japanese kozo sketchpaper (Blick art materials) works very well damp and produces a nice crisp white line. I mist the paper and then blot quickly to soak up excess water. I print with marker inked plate facing up and paper set over top burnishing with a spoon or rubbing with a little pressure from finger tips.

    4. I love your suggestion for the sketch paper, can't wait to try that.

  3. Using the washable markers is great. My wonder if will the finished print be permanent?

    1. It will be as permanent as any other marker project you have tried. Just make sure not to get it wet.

    2. I never have washable markers- do regular ones work? I bet they do.

    3. They work but now quite as well.

  4. Use modpodge to seal it in a quick stroke that does not rub away the ink as well. It will damage with water if not protected.

    1. I have never tried modpodge over marker....I have to go try it right now!!! Can't wait!

  5. This printing technique saved my printing unit! The kids loved coloring with the markers!