Sunday, March 27, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 61...

Okay we are on spring break so the art room report is brought to you by my mini-vacay with hubby in the new Jeep...

Started off at the new Chuy's in Woodbridge, Virginia. Hubby and I both ate at Chuy's in Texas all through college so our expectations were high....and it was great! It is nice to have a piece of home so close by.

Crossing the Bay Bridge at Annapolis, Maryland. If you have a bridge phobia like I do
you will really appreciate the absolute fear I had crossing this bridge!!! It is a very long bridge, other than this part in the photo the sides are just rails so you can see over the side....which is right next to the road...I mean right next to the road as you can see on the west bound bridge on the other side.

 "Ground was broken in January 1949, and on July 30, 1952 the bridge opened to traffic as both the longest continuous over-water steel structure, and the third longest bridge in the world. Because of its height, the narrowness of the spans (there are no hard shoulders), the low guardrails, and the frequency of high winds, it is known as one of the scariest bridges not only in the USA but in the world. The MdTA contracts with private companies to provide transportation across the bridge for nervous drivers (gephyrophobiacs) and as well for cyclists; 
fees are $25 and $30 for drivers and cyclists, respectively". Wikipedia

For those of you who do no share my fear...

Do you see the rust and corrosion on the 67 year old bridge...Time for a new bridge guys! This looks like the same bridge that use to be in Tampa Bay. The old Sunshine Skyway bridge....which collapsed in 1980. 

old Sunshine Skyway bridge (Wikipedia)
This is what it took to get a new bridge down there. 

New Sunshine Skyway bridge...still scary to cross but much stronger...and the fastest way to get to the Tampa airport from the island!

Okay...enough already about scary bridges!

We crossed into Delaware, which is a first for me and it looked nothing like I thought it would! Farm land everywhere, it was really pretty, a little stinky for all the farm manure but still very pretty. Apparently there is an North/South Delaware thing going on just like the Houston/Dallas thing. We arrived in the Southern part of the state and everyone was friendly. Delaware is America's 1st state. Delaware is 2,489 sq mi. and  Houston, Texas is 656.3 square the whole state of Delaware is only 4 times the size of the most awesome city in the Country (besides Bradenton Beach, Florida of course). However Delaware has no sales taxes so that is awesome! 

We made our way to the is huge and smoke free so that was awesome!

We each had $100 dollars to spend for the night....Hubby was up $80 walking out the door and I had to borrow money from him to get nachos! 

We definitely have a different approach to throwing away money, I mean gambling. I say I have $100 to have fun with and I plan on spending it all, even if I win...I am spending that too. I never really had it so it's okay if I bet with the winnings. We are here to have fun right?!? Hubby wins money, pockets the original $100 and then only plays with the winnings. When the winnings are gone he is done but he still has his original $100. I say bet it all.....and borrow money on the ride home from hubby later! 

They had this awesome Big Bang Theory slot machine...I wish I had seen it first instead of much fun. If you hit 3 "Bazingas" you get to roll the wheel for a chance to win up to $1000. I got to spin once.....and was 2 millimeters away from the $1000...the whole crowd was cheering...and then in landed on $20. What a let down. Almost like thinking you won a Hummer in Vegas when you actually only go $60...a bit of a let down. I totally missed to part were the 7's had to be in RED, WHITE and BLUE color order to get the truck in Vegas! But we had lots of fun and ate way to much food at the awesome buffet.

10,000 desserts...why yes, I think I will!

The casino has a ginormous auto race track and harness racing trace. NO racing today...thank goodness, I can't even imagine what it would be like if all those seats were full!

I finally found out what happens when pigs fly.

This is an old WW2 watch tower...kind of creepy when you first see it. There are still several up and down the Delaware sea shore. 

We visited the Delaware Seashore State Park where you can drive on the beach, have your dog on the beach but apparently you have to tie your horse up in the parking lot!

The beach is just beautiful...

and also empty...

in both directions...looking South...

looking North...

A panoramic... nope, no one here!

It's spring break, where is everyone? Well the water is ice cold, I mean like ice slicing through your body I am guessing that is why there are no spring breakers here!

Engaging 4WD....we actually had to because we got stuck in the sand!

Why yes, we love our new Jeep!

On the way home we stopped at Coconut Joe's in Annapolis, was awesome!

Shopping and Dinning in old town Annapolis, Maryland

As Seen on TV's Food Network show--Dinners, Drive-ins and Dives 

Arriving back in Virginia...

Casually passing George Washington's home on the way to the car radio store...You can't do that in Texas!

And my new and totally awesome Kenwood iPhone car stereo, I am going to need better speakers! This thing is so cool! I guess it was actually a good thing the old one died....or I killed it by jump starting the car with the cables backwards... 

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