Saturday, October 17, 2015

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 33

This weekend I went down to Richmond, VA to look into the PhD program in art education at Virginia Commonwealth University -VCU. This is something I have wanted to do my whole life. I dropped out of high school after the 9th grade so I have always wanted to help others stay in school by focusing on their interest in fine arts programs. The drawbacks are that I will have to quit teaching  and I will be broke for the next 3 years. I love teaching art, I just love what I do and I
am not sure I am ready to leave the classroom. How does one make the decision to go back to school?

The Village Cafe on the VCU campus where we had an awesome lunch. They also serve breakfast all day! It was great...if you ever get to Richmond you have to eat here.

Plaza art supplies...I heard this is the place to buy art I did!

This John Dewey quote seems apropos for the day! 

Somehow when hubby and I go on a road trip we always seem to end up at a Bass Pro Shop!

This week at Cedar Point, the librarian asked us to decorate pumpkins up as children book characters. I did Splat the Cat and his sidekick Seymour mouse.  I wish I could keep him all year!

The following are the other teacher's pumpkins. We have such a talented group of teachers don't you think?

This is our music teacher's pumpkin as Elmer the Elephant. Pretty good right!

The PE teacher's Rainbow Fish

1st grade teacher's Lorax

The office staff's porcupine.

Kindergarten did the --Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Pigeon

4th grade...I know this might make me seem like a bad teacher but I don't know this one.'s the Diary of a Wimpy! 

Look close...I did a selfie and did not realize it until I posted it!

1st grade Skippyjon Jones

The Lunch Lady by the lunch staff.

4th grade Mr. Popplers Penguins. Look at  all these penguins, so cute!

Click on the Alligator Fish Boat for more of Today's Art Room Report

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