Saturday, October 17, 2015

Diva Challenge 239....

My 239 Diva Challenge

Verne Foster's Diva challenge 239.....I love the wavy things on the end of your Munchin Verne!

Verne Foster Diva challenge 239 on White on Black

The challenge this week is based on a demonstration video by Molly Hollibaugh.
The diva says "I had seen the step outs for Munchin many times and I never really took to it, until I saw Molly demonstrate it, back when I was certified in 2010.  I don't know why, but seeing it demonstrated really helped me get it".  

So the challenge this week is... to use Molly's tangle Munchin. 
If you want the added challenge of using white on black, feel free to do that as well. 
The Diva goes on to confess..."I am not a huge fan of the black tiles. There, I said it. 
I've been holding this in for years.  But it's true.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I still use them, but - i just don't like the way they perform as compared to the white tiles.  I miss the drag of the micron pen and the black tiles are very porous and the gel pen sorta gets sucked into the paper leaving the white looking sort of washed out".
Me (Lee Darter) personally...I love the White Gelly on everything about it. But I do now some tanglers out that feel the same way as the Diva.....but I am not one one them, I have a whole journal just for black paper with a white Gelly!


  1. Both are wonderful! Very special and lovely variation of Munchin in the first one!

  2. Great work, I love both tiles!

  3. Great!!!! The are so different and well done, I like them both a lot.