Sunday, September 6, 2015

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 14

I have been having computer IPhoto is not working. You never know how much you rely on something until it is gone. And I mean really gone! I have been struggling with it all week but finally, thanks to the help of many wonderful Mac enthusiasts out there in cyber space I was able to retrieve all my photos and restore my IPhoto program. So Thursdays entry is actually coming to you from Sunday. Sorry about the delay. 

I was finally able to unite the artist with the stuffed animal. The Monster book is coming along nicely but we are still about $1000 short of having them all printed. But is'ent Cassie the Caterpillar so cute. I had it made from the student's drawing at 
It was $85 plus shipping so we can not do it for all 40 monsters but she is so cute. If you could see the little girl who drew Cassie you would just melt!

The bulk of our morning was taken up by a fire drill and then right after a lock down drill. I had to do a fire drill with a class I had not even seen yet! That is always fun. Then as soon as we got back inside we had to go into lock down mode. Try keeping 30 kids quiet after they have been outside for a fire drill! It is a very sad world we live in were we have the need for lock down drills. I just want to say to anyone out there who is sad enough in your life that you feel the need to hurt yourself or  others --"that even though what you are feeling at the moment may seem tragic and without end, there is more to life on the other side of your current thoughts. Please seek help, it is out there for you. Wait a few days before you act on any thoughts you might have of hurting yourself or anyone else, things always look different with time and rest. You are only one decision away from a whole new life".  I have been there, my mother was there, my x's father was there, my son's girlfriend was there. There are times in life we all experience depression or moments we feel our life is out of control.  At those times ask for help, there is another side to life call 1(800) 273-8255 
Wow that got deep fast. 

So one of my biggest fears is that the principal will have a fire drill and I will have forgotten Johnny is in the bathroom. So here is my new system to let me know if someone is out of the room. 

Now I am not sure if they really need to go to the bathroom or they just want to hold the painted paint brush!

There has been lots of talk and ideas for how to keep the noise to a minimum and increase productivity. I let my students whisper to the other members of their table as long as it does not get out of control. When it does escalate I call a Mona Lisa. Students have to stop what they are doing and look like the Mona Lisa. If that does not bring the noise level down I call a Silent Art. I will set the chicken timer for 5 mins with a 3 second count down to start. I first remind student we need to refocus our energy and concentrate on our art. We then have a Silent Art and during that time lets see how much we can accomplish. Then I set the timer. If someone talks I calmly remind them in a soft voice we are on Silent Art. When the timer goes off I do not say anything and we all just continue on with our work. It may not keep them quiet but the point was to bring them back on task and have the noise at a manageable level. It works every time. 

I love this Maya Angelou quote. I truly believe we can find the answers we are looking for inside ourselves if we take the time to look.

I am not a Christian though I believe Christ existed and I am still struggling with the concept of God but I do believe in quiet meditation to get in touch with what ever is out there in the Universe that we are all a part of. There have been many times, especially lately that if I just sit quietly and focus on the nothingness of everything I have been able to answer questions that have come up in my life. It's as if the answer is already out there waiting for me to quiet myself long enough to hear it. 

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