Saturday, August 29, 2015

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 11...
Time flies when you are creating art.

I know this is blatant commercialism but the kids love it and it gets them talking about art. It is Visual Culture so it is part of our state standards. Yeah!

As the art teacher you have to get use to no one actually caring about what you are doing in your room, leaving you off the list when dividing up the other classroom teachers into groups, or voicing your thoughts at meetings. I mean, what we do is not tested or measured so we don't count---right? 

But when it comes to doing what is right by the kids and giving each and everyone of them a fair and equal art education you would think my voice mattered. It did not, and it was very painful. To be brushed off so callously by peers and administrators is harsh and hurtful and really not fair to the kids. Even if they did not agree with me they could have listened to my thoughts with an open mind.  

But I guess I should be use to it. I am a little more jaded by it now but I am not sure if I will ever get use to it. It's very had not to take it personally, I mean is it me they don't want to hear from or the "art" teacher. But it is the reality of most art teachers, especially at the elementary level so it is worth mentioning. 

On a positive note, my room is ready for the 1st day and I am so excited to see all the kids on Monday morning. I was not assigned a morning duty this was a strange feeling so I volunteered to do my old duty of car rider when the assistant principal said they were short one person. I should get brownie points for that right?  No points were used at the aforementioned meeting however.

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