Thursday, August 27, 2015

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 10...  

Today was Back to School/Meet the Teacher day. I love this day so much, it's not until May that I start to question my profession choice!  We have a lot of returning students and a few new faces this year. I get to hear "art is my favorite subject" a lot and that makes me very happy. I met a new 5th grader who said all his clay projects have been food each year. I let him know we are making clay masks. He seemed to be okay with that.  

I had another new student tell me "it's not much of an art room if it's this organized"!  Fortunately for me one of my art club kids was also in the room at the time and quickly let the new person know that "Mrs. Darter does not keep it this way very long"! Thank you...I think?

This is the Southwest quadrant of my room. So clean, and yes new student it will not stay this way very long. Give it a month and it will look like a real art room to you.

We got to go to lunch today as a team, so much fun. I would be a better teacher  if we could have hour and a half lunches with friends and then a 30 min nap before the second part of the day. I would also be a better teacher if I could wear yoga pants to school every day. And while I am on the subject we would all be better teachers if we only had 15 kids in a class. Just think of the learning possibilities.  However I am quite sure I will be able to wear yoga pants long before we ever have only 15 kids in a classroom. But would'nt that change the world?  Less kids in a classroom, less adults in jail. More kids going to college, more adults with careers.  



  1. I couldn't agree more with the small class idea.I once had 16 kids in my class u7ntil the middle of the year.Wow!!They made so much progress! Oh well.Now I get to wear yoga pants every day and play in my sewing room, and miss school rarely!! Miss the contact with kids though.I still love going into toy shops(I was a Junior Primary teach, so taught everything!!).We always did loads of art, and I always had happy kids!