Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Today's Art Room Report...

 Day 3...
Can't seem to find a place for Spike. We use the long Q-tips that I get from the nurse to make our aboriginal dot paintings, then we stick them in Spike. I  know the kids will miss her but I just can't get everything in! I might have been able to place her some where but I got to work at 11:30 then went to lunch with my team and then started to work on my room and then it was 4 pm and the admins kicked us out! Where does time go? 

I needed to say good-bye to the Bluebonnets. They are just not as popular here in Virginia as they were in Texas. I mean I used those flowers for everything, from kindergarten thumb prints to Rodeo art. By the way Rodeo art is one of the very few things I do not miss about Texas...maybe the only thing. But I just can't keep everything so they have to go.

The room is starting to shape up.

I have the things that were in the cabinets then on the tables now on the shelves in their proper homes for the year.

Hung the giant Crayons. Everyone's favorite.

Principle and Elements posters are up.

I just could not do it! It seems sacrilegious to any Texan to throw out Bluebonnets so I kept one. Hopefully the others will find a wonderful new home.

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