Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Today's Art Room Report....

Day 2...

I think I made it worse!

Everything that was in the cabinets is now on the tables.

I am rearranging everything from last year and trying to get rid of some old dust collectors. I am sticking to the minimalist approach to life. Less is more! I think having too much up confuses the students and they don't read it anyway! If putting a poster on the wall with all the rules on it made the kids mind their manors we would all have a room full of perfect kids! I think no matter how many rules you introduce they will always find something to break that you have not listed on your rule poster.

I am going with "You are all big kids now, you know what is expected of you so act the way that your heart tells you to".  I will let you know how that works out for me!

I do use this STOP sign.
It really works! When someone is making bad choices I just place this in front of the person and usually they look at me for a second to see if I am serious then they actually go back to work. It is a great way to help students refocus without calling them out...all the time! You know the one I am talking about!

I found the sign on Pinterest and I always try to give credit to the creator but every blog it was linked to took me to another blog. I could never find it's origin.  If this is your creation...please email me so I can thank you personally because it has been just awesome! 
I did find a link on Google Docs that has a sheet of the stop signs you can print out for yourself.
Stop Sign Link HERE

This is the wall I would like to paint the Starry Night sky on, right there just over my smart board...all across the top. I am going to do it but I am not really sure if I should ask permission or beg forgiveness? 

After finally getting to work at 1 pm on my 2nd flex day I put in a grueling 3 whole hours. Maybe that is why my room is not finished. I had to catch up with my team members though! I have the most awesome team. We are such a great group and we all just seem to work well together. 

We do something called Spot Check at my school and I hear from other art teachers that everyone is doing this as well though you may call it something else. The encore team has to go to the classrooms or pull kids to our rooms and then help them with whatever it is they are struggling with. 

It is not something I think I am qualified to do especially since I only pasted my TASP and MAT  tests by 2 points each in the math area. I want to be a team player but I am just not sure how much I am able to help. I am a great art teacher....not so much on the science lessons though! 

So after my long, hard day at work I treated myself to a new beach cruiser bike. One, because I really need the exercise and two because I really miss the beach. I love this bike, it is my favorite color-mint green. I shall call her Alice!

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  1. Love your art room. Love that green bike!
    Judy #21

  2. Shhh, I won't say a word...looking forward to that starry night. ;)

  3. Wish i had a new bike. Wish you were here to ride bikes with. Have fun riding.