Monday, July 25, 2011

South Beach Diet day-206

I felt so motivated when the day started today....not sure what happened? Oh yeah I got hungry. Had 2 bags of oatmeal for a late breakfast, ALL the triangles of cheese, then went to McDonald's for a fish sandwich and a snack wrap. In my defense I did not eat the buns! Had a great dinner of tuna and squash but washed it down with a coke...I wonder why I am overweight? I did go to kickboxing thought. I really, really, really, really miss my kickboxing instructor Annette from 24 hour fitness. She is amazing. I was a kickboxing addict for 3 years...only missed a class for school functions and once when twisted my ankle. Here it is not so great. There is no 24, I am at LA fitness and though the club is nice enough there is no Annette. There is no one who is a motivated or as motivating as she is. I did sweat a lot tonight but I miss the old class. I almost threw up since I have not worked out since June 4th. But its a start. Now just need to keep up the workouts and burn down the McDonald's they decided to build at the end of my street. (Just kidding I would never burn down the McDonald's or anything else for that matter) Hey maybe I can burn off some weight if I actually, physically run to the McDonald's instead of drive....Or maybe I should just grow some will power and forget the McDonald's all together! Weigh in on Aug 22, 2011

Well tomorrow is another day...

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