Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Footprints in the Snow...

 Footprints in the Snow

In this project we will learn about secondary colors and perspective.


watercolor paint


a circle tracer

a pencil

water and a paintbrush

1. Secondary Colors- the colors you get when you mix the primary colors.





For this painting you will only be using the secondary colors

2. Using perspective to make your work look real. 

As things move away from you they appear smaller.

When things are closer to you, they take up more of your field of view,

so they seem bigger. When they're further away, they take up less of your

field of view, and so seem smaller.


Step 1. Draw the trunk of your first tree.

Step 2. Draw the first layer of your tree

on top of the trunk. It looks like a mustache.

Step 3. Now draw the second layer of your tree but smaller. 

Step 4. Now draw a third layer.

Step 5. Finish drawing layers of the tree until it is as tall as you

want it to be.

Step 6. Draw a snow hill behind your tree.

Step 7. Now add in another snow hill and start another tree there. Remember to make the new tree smaller than the first one.

Objects farther away appear smaller.

Step 8. Add in more trees.

Step 9. Find something to draw a circle with. I used a roll of tape.

Step 10. Use your tracer to draw a circle for the sun.


Step 11. Now watercolor paint your drawing using only the secondary colors-

Orange, Green and Purple

Step 12. Using a pencil create a shadow under the tree

by rubbing the pencil on its side.

Step 13. Give each tree a cast shadow.

Step 14. Add in your footprints. 

Remember the footprints will appear smaller as they move 

away from you over the hill. You may want to make

boot prints instead of foot prints....the snow is cold.

Please share your finished pieces on the Art Room Blog Face Book page.