Monday, October 10, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 95
One of my students had on this awesome t-shirt! I found out it was from Old Navy, I am guessing it is their mea culpa 
for the ill-conceived Young Aspiring Artist tee shirt...Anyway the new one is awesome!

My wall of Martin Cervantez art in my home! Love his work

Over the weekend I helped out in a workshop were we created Brown Bag Journals. This was such a great even put on by the Many Books Children's Book Festival Committee of Prince William County Schools. Their goal is to increase exposure to literacy across disciplines, build excitement about reading, and bring new self-selected books into the homes of children who need them the most. 
I also got to meet a great group of authors such as Nancy Noyes Silcox, Rachel Renee Russell who wrote the Dork Diaries, Meg Medina, Yona Zeldis McDonough, Rashin Kheiriyeh and David FitzSimmons. Yes I had lunch with these awesome people!

My goal was to teach the kids how to make their own Brown Bag Journal!
Click HERE for a link on how to make your own Brown Bag Journal

Our fearless leader Jasmine Hawkins

What a great group of kids!

And then later that day....I was hit by this kid at a red light. I was not moving and for some reason he started backing up....and up... and up...and then right into me. I laid on the horn but still he kept on backing.

This is the 3rd time I have been hit by a kid at a light while I was sitting perfectly still at a red light.

So Hubby took me and my mother-in-law, who was also in the jeep for the accident out to eat in Old Town Manassas for make us feel better.

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