Sunday, September 18, 2016

Words to Live By...

Quick story...The day we got home from summer vacation I had to take the Jeep for an oil change and tire rotation. Hubby sent me to NTB. While I was there I met a young couple with a small child. Their car had broken down on there trip from Florida to New Jersey (I think it was New Jersey or Maine or some where more North of Virginia) to visit their families. Any why they were very nice but seem concerned as to how they were going to pay for the repairs and still have money for the trip. So after I get my Jeep and drove off I call the store and paid for their repairs. I remember what it was like to struggle when my son was young just to have enough money to go home and see my grandparents. When you work in the service industry like this couple does and I did if you are not working you are not making money. So any way I helped them along and hopefully some day they will pay it forward. 

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