Saturday, September 17, 2016

Project Runway Season 15 Episode 1...

I am a huge Project Runway fan, who isn't right? I mean I love me some Tim Gunn "make it work"!
So I am sketching out my designs right as they announce the challenge and before I see the contestants work. I am not the strongest human figure drawer and drawing it really fast is even tougher but I am going to do it this year! 

For Episode 1 the contestants had to create a party feeling dress out of the stuff found in their welcome party room. It was an unconventional challenge. I picked the red, shiny cards on the table for a layered skirt. The geometric print pillows for the vest part of a jacket and the Project Runway canvas bags for the sleeves of the jacket.

I love Brik because he is southern and he was rocking the man-bun. Dexter had a great design. Erin's design was great but it looks a lot like her promotion photo outfit. Ian had to go.  Jenni's laugh is awesome! I have a feeling Nathalia and Sarah would make me nuts in real life. Tasha is cool and Mah-Jing's magazine dress was my favorite. And sorry about this Kimber but your dress was odd but not as odd as Ian's, thank goodness!

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