Saturday, September 17, 2016

4th Grade Dot Day Project...

4th Grade created dots for International Dot Day by cutting out the center of a large paper plate and then they learned about wet-on-wet watercolor painting techniques. 

First we created a spiral from the center out. 
Then students created designs to fill up the spiral using a Sharpie.

Next we placed our finished spirals on a paper towel and sprayed them down with a water bottle.

When the circles were already wet from the spray bottles we added watercolor paint.

If the plate got to wet you could softly dab it off with the paper towel. When you say the word "dab" please know that your students will throw their hands up in the air and to the side. Do not be alarmed this it just the latest dance craze thing!

A lot if the kids wanted to keep their towels too. They all thought the towel was part of the project! Just make sure they write their names on the towels because next week, without the paper dot on it all the towels look like "their" towel!

Have a wonderful Dot Day everyone!

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