Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Weaving Camp at the Candy Factory...

Day 1
Weaving camp started today and we had so much fun.
We are creating the cording for our cell phone bags.
I learned this fun weaving technique at Cassie Stephens Art Scouts.

Check out Art Scouts HERE

Jackson used a yarn we called "cloud" it is beautiful but very hard to see the string or warp through all the fluff. But he did it, I was very impressed because I was not able to tell which was over and which was under.

This one will be a block pattern when it grows up.

Lauren picked a great yarn for this project, it creates a pattern all by itself.

This warm and cool abstract watercolor painting will become paper weavings.

Lets weave something together!!!

DAY 2...

Cording bracelet 

All that yarn!

Paper Weaving

look at this awesome cording. The kids did 2 cords in 3 days...I have not finished the one I started in Art Scouts 2 months!

DAY 3...

It's crunch time...15 minutes until the end of week art show.

What a beautiful purse!

Just lovely, she will give it to her grandmother to carry her cell phone in. Sweet right?

This one was designed for his mother.

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