Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 80...back tracking a little...the yearly family trip.

The Darter family trip to Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium

Kindell, get off you phone you are in my shot!

Finding Nemo...

Real fish here people...it's not a poster, we all thought it was a hologram.

I was photo bombed by a fish!

Dinner...I mean the crab!

Yucky Jellyfish. I was stung by a mean jellyfish a couple years ago at the beach...not fun!

The seahorse

My crazy nieces and nephew....in the fish tank.

My favorite... the Dragon seahorse.

The trash from the sea art show was wonderful.

The pre-show entertainment.

Centennial Park where the Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia 1996
My nephew Ky ready to compete in the Games.

The Darter Family

The Coke museum

My favorite part of the trip was inside CNN

This CNN Hummer was used in the war.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Lunch in the park at Googie's

The Sky View

The Sky View giant ferris wheel in Atlanta. And before you even ask, no I did not ride it. I have a fear of heights or falling or gravity really. But my brave family was all over it.

So hubby and I sat and waited and watched this guy use the search wand on everyone coming in. The security was tight everywhere we went in the park. It was scary and sad that this is the world we live in now.

After the ginormous ferris wheel we road the MARTA around the Martin Luther King area in Atlanta and saw these amazing painted murals.

the 1996 Olympic torch

If you ever visit Atlanta you just have to go to the Varsity and have a hot dog.

Cheers Varsity!

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