Thursday, August 11, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 81
And the next day we went to Six Flags over Georgia.

You will have to take my word on this but that is my family going up on that roller coster!

and here they are again flying right over my head like Superman.

And the next day we went to the Ocmulgee Indian mounds in Macon, Georgia

Click on the photo above to see the official Ocmulgee web site (but come back to the Art Room Blog)

Part Ranger Ky

If you are ever in Macon, Georgia or passing through on your way to Savannah you need to stop here, just south of Macon on highway 16. The indian mounds are full of history and really fun to visit...and it's FREE!

The museum

On top of the ancient indian mounds with the city of Macon in the background.

I wonder if the indians every thought there would be a packing lot with my jeep right there?

The museum has really great exhibits and artifacts.

This is awesome, they used carved paddles to make designs on their pottery.

the family leaving the Great Temple Mound

A panoramic on top of the Great Temple Mound looking south.

And the next day we went to Historic Savannah, Georgia...

The greatest Southern meal ever at Paula Deen's in Savannah. It has been 3 weeks since that meal and I am still trying to recover. 

Kendall with the photo bomb. We did a haunted tour of Savannah. It was okay at first because it was still light but later...Scary stuff! I recommend this tour! Watch out for the buried alive Yellow fever story...somethings you just cant unhear.

There is an actual  haunted CVS where they are allowed to close early due to all the ghosts.

And the next day....Tybee Island, Georgia

My favorite view of the world!

and when I roll over!

Dinner at the Crab Shack on Tybee Island

Beautiful !

I made a friend...funny how quick he left me when I was out of food.

Steven rocking the flag.

The Crab Shack has an alligator mote around it...and you can feed them.

Click on the Alligator Fish Boat for more of Today's Art Room Report

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