Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Help for New Teachers -- Main Focus On Principles and Elements...

I think teachers are very lucky we get 2 chances to start a new year. This year in my class room my focus is Simplify. I got rid of all the prizes and am just focusing on teaching art. 

I teach based on the principles and elements of art. I think the P&Es are a great jumping of tool to reach all areas of art education. They are the language of art, just like Language arts has nouns and verbs and Math has adding and subtracting we have Line, Color and Balance in art.

I have my vocabulary words and add new ones as we learn about them. I start off with Line.

After we learn the new word I tape it to an art poster that demonstrates the use of that word.

We have a discussion about our new word.
Students can work on the use of their new word in their art journals.

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