Monday, July 4, 2016

Today's Art Room Report....Summer Edition 2016!

Day 74 

My trip to Richmond, Virginia for they VAEA YAM book judging contest.
Kayakers on the James river.

The awesome YAM committee!

The James river as seen on my return trip home.

Stopped by Bass Pro Shop just north of Richmond to mentally pick up a new
beach ride and...

a boat (mentally picked up that is). Soon will be real!

I am really in turn with this statement, someone just sent it to me and I am not sure where it came from but OMG...I have a goal of getting my own art studio. And for some reason it is not just falling out of the sky like it does in my daydreams. So I much change my actions on how I will get my own place.


You will be surprised how my people will tell you all the reasons you can not do something.
Ignore them! Thank you Cassie Stephens for reminding me of that.

My sad art room all packed up for the summer. Don't worry...I will return to decorate you in August!

This guy was 2 mins away from having the doggie version of 911 call on him for leaving his dog in the hot car for 13 mins with just a cracked window. It was 94 outside I can't even think of what is was inside for that dog. I told him how I felt when he returned to his truck and since I was filming it he just looked straight ahead and got in his truck and left. People like this should not have pets!

Why yes I am a Bourne Identity Fan Girl....the Jason Bourne movie comes out July 29....I will be there for you Jason!

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