Saturday, July 16, 2016

Art Advocacy...

Art Advocacy

If you share what you do and why you value art with others you will increase the support for art education over all. A very important part of art advocacy is simply making your case… have your art advocacy speech prepared for those times you are asked or just want to talk about the importance of art education. Some areas of interest that might be importance to others are; how art education benefits your students using personal stories, current data and research that backs up your personal stories, important people who use art in their jobs such as Steve Jobs/Apple Computers and Pixar, Walt Disney/animator, Ralph Lauren/designer, I. M. Pei/architect, Paolo Martin/Automotive design, Vera Wang/Fashion Designer. 

Just by sharing a list of influential people and creators who all value art and use art in their careers you help others see the importance art plays in our everyday society. You will be an Art Advocate! 

Lee Darter
July 2016

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