Sunday, May 8, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 66

On my way to the doctors and this happened, he is wedged in there good... How long has he been driving that truck, does he not know how tall it is? 
And it was clearly lower on the left side then the right, he would have most likely make
it if he would have just moved over to the left lane....but no he had to make me late for my appointment!

Hubby and I went for a drive to see the eagles nesting.

So that was awesome! That is the Potomac River in the back ground.

My favorite place to eat in Clifton, Virginia

A view of main street Clifton, Virginia

A little off roading in the Jeep

Well Urban off roading really....

These paints were in the window of a dress shop for $300. WOW I have 20 pair of those out in my art studio.....I will be rich if I just sell all my paint pants. Who know I was so in fashion!

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  1. Morning lovely photos and so enjoyed your journey. Funny how "fashion pants" can cost so much and yet we have very similar things ourselves. If only ....

    have a great day crafty hugs Pen x

  2. Right.... If only ! All my friends call then my crazy lady painter pants and refuse to go out with me if I wear them.