Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 62
Do you see how dark it is outside? It is 11pm and I am working on my all county art show. I spent 5 days walking out the door with the night janitors. Yeah!

This is something I am almost as proud of as having a Masters degree. It took me 22 mins to back up the Uhaul trailer to the loading dock. The thing just did not want to follow directions! I finally got it straightened up enough to back up ever so slowly, I mean so slowly! The fun part about the whole thing was that it was all caught on the surveillance camera so I keep the office staff, the nurse and the principal entertained for a little while!

But the show went up and it was awesome!

My and my awesome kiddos!

The totally beautiful sky as I was leaving the at show that night with the weight of the world off my shoulders. Now back to just teaching art...

Flowers my son sent me...my first ever mom flowers. Yes I cried.

Baby Alice. Is it weird that I named my beach bike after my friends baby?
Is this not the cutest baby?

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