Tuesday, March 1, 2016

5th Grade Yarn Weaving...

Okay it was a slow go at first....
Getting the warp strings on your boards took 3 class rotations. The kids worked on other projects as we strung our looms.  The Warp is the lengthwise strings and the weft art the thread or yarn which go through the warp yarns to create cloth or in our case, a wall hanging. 

Putting the yarn through the eye of the needle was quite the challenge as well...

But after the first day of weaving they got it all under control and are doing an awesome job! 

End or day 1

Great job changing colors and keeping the tension consistent. 

This as a great color change but the sides are being pulled to tight.

Here the weft is a little loose

This student is weaving 2 weft strings and then attaching them and then added 2 more. This leaves a fringe on each side. Cool right!

Nice color change and even tension!

A few friends ran out of time so they had to cut their weaving off a little short, and by ran out of time I mean the last day of school!

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