Sunday, February 7, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 57

So I teach a Zentangle class for the Center for the Arts in Manassas, Virginia. It's lovingly called the Candy Factory because the build use to be an old Candy Factory. My Thursday night classes are held in the Linton Hall Catholic school. It is on the grounds of a monastery where nuns live. It is very beautiful and old. It is also very creepy late at night when I am the dark...all alone. It does not help to start up my new Jeep and look at the glowing milage numbers! YAKS!

Second grade is making Japanese Kimonos (LINK HERE). They have to add a cloth paper belt and trim.

This young lady was finished early and created a Project Runway worthy paper cloth dress! Love it!

Another child finished early and was reading a book in my art library. He brought the book to me and asked if this was Lady Gaga...I said "who is that"? After he explained I told him that was Marilyn Monroe and the print is art work created by Andy Warhol. To which he replied "who are they"? Generations apart on our pop culture!

My Saturday Zentangle class is at the Workhouse in Lorton, Virginia. It is an awesome place with open studios were artists work and you can go around and visit with them while they are creating. A little girl walked into my class and just stood there and stared at me for a few minutes. Finally her father called her out. She came back again later and just stood there. I gave her a tile and a pen and she just jumped right in and started tangling with us. When her dad came to get her she told me I was the kind of person teachers should be....yes I cried! Best complement ever. 

One of the guys were I donate for the homeless every Sunday in Woodbridge told me I had beautiful hair so that was a good complement too!

This is a flash back photo I found in my old phone when I was trying to remove all the pictures. That is me on the far left, my friend and date for the night Alieen in the middle and my assistant principle at the time- 2006, Vicki. This was the teacher of the year dinner when I was just that, teacher of the year for my old school Thornwood. It was such an honor!  And wow do I look young!

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