Sunday, February 21, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 58

 I slept all day...not sure what's going on but I seem to be sleepy all the time. And it seems like no matter what I give up...soda, sugar, flour...I keep putting on weight. What to do. I know, exercise right?

We said good-by to hubby's bike. He got it back in 2004 when he was in school but he has not been on it in the last 4 years. So We donated it to a charity. 

Last weekend I want down to Richmond for the Virginia Art Educators Board meeting. I am so honored that I have been asked to be on the board as the Art Advocacy chair. The first night we had dinner at Mosaic Restaurant. It was wonderful, they have the best cheese grits.

We stayed at the  Roslyn Center. The center is on 150 acres right outside Richmond and it is fantastic! 
Click HERE to check out the center. 

We stayed up late and played silly games. This is a balancing game. Too much fun was had by all. 

We were in meeting over Valentine's Day so I made this heart for hubby.

We were asked by Linda Conti, the president of VAEA to share some books that have influenced our teaching or our lives. This is the list. 

The chapel at Roslyn 

My first VAEA Board meeting.

Below is a list I saw on how to be seemed like a good list to focus on. Especially the smile part, I have a hard time smiling sometimes...a lot of the time. Not really sure why though.

Or second snow storm of the year...More time off of school!

Saw this on Facebook and thought of my own scissors. I bought my own scissors...why can't hubby get his own? He would flip out if went in his tool box and used his hammer...

Okay...I will try that!

Love this...

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