Monday, February 1, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 56...

We are finally back in school after 11 days off...that was a lot of snow people!
We had a workday full of fun grading. I did get to go to lunch with my team in my new Jeep so that was pretty cool. 
While grading I came across these 2 artist statements that I thought were pretty cool.

Calm and smooth on the inside...Wow I sure was not calm and smooth on the inside when I was in 4th grade! And this girl really is! I wish I was that together at her age.

The next one is a 5th grade boy and if you overlook the fact that he wrote water color for his principle or element....his Artist Statement is awesome. I am so glad my Dragon project made his dreams come true.

The mother of 2 of my former art students made me this cool hat. She is the fastest knitter in the West! She has great stuff...I am hoping she has a web site. Last year I got the cutest hat that had ears on it. I look like and Ewak when I wear it! When I get a web link I will hook y'all up!

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