Sunday, January 31, 2016

Today's Art Room Report.... not sure at this point? Maybe Day 55...

I can't report from the art room because we have not been in school for 11 days straight...and yes I miss it! If you do not live on the east coast (be happy about that right now) we had a snow storm here. It snowed non-stop for 3 days. 36 Inches of snow to be exact!
My back yard at the start of the storm Friday afternoon. Second day off of school

Big Dog is oblivious to the far!

Late Friday evening...even in Hurricanes and Blizzards the dog has to pee...but he just would not do it since the snow was as high as his belly.

So I had to dig out a patch of grass.

This is what happens to my closet/office when I have to create art in my room instead of my studio!!!

By Friday night I could not get into my studio.

By Saturday morning I could not get out of my front door!

Still not a fan of the snow...Big got stuck in the drifts and I had to go save him.

Warm and cozy!

By Sunday night the path I dug for the dog was gone...

Everything was gone!

It is hard to play ball in 3 feet of snow!

A friend put this on true!

These are photos taken on the same day at the same time! Me trying to get out of my house in the snow and my son looking off the balcony of his work over looking the beach on Anna Maria Island! 

I miss Florida!

Sunday after noon...the back yard looks like a skating rink....with 3 feet of snow under it!

My car is under there somewhere...

Still not a fan of the snow.

My front yard...there is a bench and a garden out there somewhere.

The dig out begins...
Same day same time again...OMG I miss Florida!

My street... but it was actually really cool, all the neighbors were out and we all helped each other. It was awesome!

Yeah... I did that! And a neighbor's as well!

During my time at home...alone I found a charity here in Woodbridge that helps the homeless. Yes there were human beings out in the snow tents. I felt I needed to help. I was homeless for a time when my son was a baby. It is awful to not have a place where you feel secure. I donated $, sleeping bags, food, water, coats and some gift cards to the thrift store. I plan on taking stuff every Sunday from now on. If you want to help check out the charity on their Facebook page-just click below.

I felt this way 4 day ago...I am so ready to do back to school. I was going to go pick everyone up in my new Jeep! My house is clean, all the closets are organized, my pants are ironed, my lesson plans are ready through the end of the year, I have Zentangled till my eyes hurt, painted 3 paintings, cleaned out the spice cabinet, got addicted to Fixer Upper and put all my clothes in color order....

Big is also done with the snow!

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  1. Wow that's a crazy amount of snow! How do you guys do make-up days up there?
    When I was a kid I lived in Canada between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.. so I know snow - but now I'm in Georgia and we hardly get any! :(

    1. I was born in Georgia! We still have a house there! We have 10 built in snow days. So as long as we don't go over 10 days we do not have to make up any!!!!