Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today's Art Room Report...

 Day 54...Is not really from the art room but....
So Saturday....this happened to hubby. He and the dog are okay but the car
is totaled.

Turning Lemons In To---Lemonade...

I have wanted a Jeep since I was 18, so just a few years (33 to be exact).
So I saw this on line and fell in love. I named her right there on the spot---Amelia. Oh the places we will go Amelia!

I have had this Pink Jeep Matchbox car on my dresser for many, many, many years.
The time has come!

So the next day she was mine! I know you are thinking it was hubby's car that
was totaled but since we had to get a new one anyway, why not? Don't 
worry he looks really good driving my old car!

I am going to let him drive it to work tomorrow...

To keep the art in the Art Room Blog...
This was a totally awesome oil painting at the dealership.

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