Monday, January 11, 2016

4th Grade Collaborative Bird Project...

We started by tangling (the verb of Zentangle) on a sheet of 12 x 18 white paper with a Fine Point Sharpie. If you are not into Zentangle (I will let you slide if you are not) just have the kids doodle randomly on the paper. I have some notebooks filled the doodles, which they can add to if they have a good one.
I also have the full collection of Suzanne Mcneill's Zentangle books out as well. Suzanne was the one who got me started in Zentangle at a Texas Art Educators Convention in 2008.

Next have students randomly water color the paper.

The next step will be to take a second sheet of 12X18 white 90# paper that will be used as your back ground. You can also doodle/Zentangle on the second sheet as well. Only color and doodle just a little on the second sheet so it will not take away from the birds.

The kids asked to use old sponges to paint the second sheet of background paper...who am I to say no!

Cut out pieces from the doodle sheet to create 2 birds.  Table mates may share their paper with each other so the bird will have a lot of contrast. Glue the birds to the second sponge paper.

Start with the body...

then add feathers...

Add a beak and eyes. I have the students make their eyes in layers.

Now add a second bird.

Our inspiration piece from Peony and
Click HERE for their awesome website!

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