Saturday, December 12, 2015

Art Teaching...

I know it is important to keep current and I love TAB and STEAM but I guess I am just old school-"Art For Art Sake". I teach the principles and elements, I encourage creative and inventive thinking. I try and foster craftsmanship and pride in workmanship. I never give a second sheet of paper since there are no mistakes in art-fix it, paint over it, glue something to it but don't trash it and start over! Just learn from that mistake and don't do it again...and if you do, learn from that as well! I believe in healthy competition, I run my art room based on the teachings of Love and Logic and common sence. I write sound lesson plans that show growth while focusing on the here and now. I love Madeline Hunter lesson plan templets.  I just think in elementary school children need to feel safe in their art environment so they will try new things and cultivate a love for all things art.

And those are my thoughts on teaching art.

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