Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 36...
Teachers working on my Dia de Los Muertos lesson plan.

Andrew's awesome Tiki lesson plan.

My rendition of Genevieve's Japanese Daruma Doll

Ashley's Gyotaku printing fish and Silk Screens

After attending Genevieve Shaw's awesome Cultural Art Lesson Workshop we had a spaghetti dinner which was a fundraiser for Courtney Forget. I have not had pasta for 3 months but it was for a good cause! Courtney is only 29 and has stage 3 colon cancer. She was actually in surgery the day of the dinner. The amount of people that turned out was amazing. I do not know her that well, she is an elementary school art teacher in my district but with the amount of people who attended the dinner I can only believe she has a great spirit and wonderful warmth. 
Courtney will not be able to finish the year due to surgeries and chemo so if you would like to help please consider donating to her cause. We all need a little support in life from time to time. Please consider donating---

Click on the Alligator Fish Boat for more of Today's Art Room Report

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