Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tet(R)ed Art Journal Collaboration Project...

My new collaborative Project with Sam Peek and the Tet(R)ed project.
See on the link above
or on their Tumblr Page

This page is from my on-line class with Carla Sonheim from Imaginary Animals. The creature's name is Pegga know because she has wings!

This is Pagga Wog finished!

Page one---and so it begins...

Sam put some things in the book and gave it to me (for a small donation to the cause)

Then I added some art...

Then some of the teachers who took my printmaking workshop added to the journal...

Then some of my kindergarteners added a map. It is so cute! There is a drawing of me 
walking my dog.

A little hidden Zentangle


1st grade house project

Part of my Imaginary Creatures on line class. These are
one line drawings where you do not lift your pen to create the 
entire drawing.

Kindergarten color wheel project--and yes it is upside down.

Goodle Wog and Loppy Wog from the the Imaginary Creatures On-line class

My Favorite page in the journal

Sticking in Random things for Sam to create art on.

A collaboration with Mia in 5th grade

1st grade's Dia de los Muertos Project

More Imaginary Creatures on-line class work

This is Poofy Wog

Blind Contour drawings

Why yes I do believe we were visited by aliens 

Pig by Emily...

Rainy Wog 

Rainy Wog and Pegga Wog

I was freaked out to have to put my journal in the mail and send it to Sam...someone I do not know (yet). But I am very excited to get it back and see what has been added to my little art journal. This project has really helped me to draw and create everyday.

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