Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My On Line Course Taught by Carla Sonheim...

Week 1...Assignment 1...

I started with this and found Effie Wog.

This is our first project, find and animal in the sidewalk cracks.
I found Effie Wog! 

Lesson 1 Part 2

Line Contours without lifting your pen.

Lesson 1 Part 3

Lesson 2 Part 1 Drawing with your non dominant hand.
I did better with my left hand than my normal right hand!

Lesson 2 Part 2
Blind Contours of 3 stuffed animals

Lesson 2 Part 3
Finding creatures in the paint swatches.

Lesson 3 part one
Blind contour of Carla's cat

Carla's Web Page

Some of Carla's books that can be found on Amazon


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