Monday, September 7, 2015

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 16
On this Labor Day 31 years ago in 1984 I celebrated by actually going into labor with my sweet little baby boy Mason. Check out those ears and my 80's rocker  hair.  I look like that famous otter mama showing the world her new baby!

This is what we actually look like in the modern era!

I also celebrated by cleaning out all the dog hairs and beach sand that had collected in my car since the beginning of summer. I am not sure what I was thinking buying a car with black velour seats when I had 3 pets that travel all over the country with me. It took 2 hours and is just now clean enough to have a professional detail it! 

This is the dog hair that actually came out of my car today.  There is a layer of sand and shells under the dog hair.

While I was working on the car Big Dog and hubby worked on the Garden of Peace and Tranquility.

I did one of the name/meme search games on Facebook and this is what I got. It is actually happening to me more and more every day!

Click on the Alligator Fish Boat for more of Today's Art Room Report

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