Monday, August 24, 2015

Today's Art Room Report...

Day 6 and the Weekend...

Today was our first official day back, you know the one with all the meetings and what not. We only have one new staff member this year, our nurse. Our old nurse left us for Disney Land...can you imagine! So our meeting was quick and painless, our theme this year is Tool Time-as in what tools do you have in your teaching bag. I like it! After concussion training and lunch I worked on my room...some more! 

I organized my construction paper in this awesome leftover old laptop COW! See I knew computers would come in useful some day!

I straightened up my giant COLOR sign. It's crookedness was driving me nuts.

I found this little gem from, who knows how many years ago buried under old papers on the bottom shelf of a cabinet I have not looked under in 4 years! There is not enough for an entire grade so I think Art Club will be making some baskets this year!

Painted my bulletin board art that will eventually have a  di Vinci quote on eventually I mean tomorrow since the new kindergarteners are coming for a visit.

My Minion bulletin board that, when finished will say "There are a Minion Ways to Look at Art"

And the best part of the day...when I left the building at 8 PM (notice the art teacher is the last person to leave)! There was a rainbow. What a great sign!

Then I turned around the other way and saw this beautiful sight. The photo does not do it justice! What a great start to a fantastic year!

Over the Weekend....
I tackled cleaning out my art studio. Why yes that is my art studio and not an abandon storage unit! It gets really, really cold here during the winter do I just started throwing stuff in there and this is what happens. Then add all the summer camps in that I taught, it's just a crazy mess and it is not inspiring at all.

So I pulled everything out in the yard. "No we are not having a garage sale here today" random strangers who were just passing by! 

Starting to show some head way...

I did manage to get my cloth cabinet organized!!!!

I also uncovered these awesome old art books that I totally forgot I had. I can use the photos to add to my student art gallery game!  Until next weekend Doodle art studio...

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