Thursday, August 20, 2015

Today's Art Room Report......

Day 4

Comes to you from a "Get to Know Zentangle" class I taught tonight with an awesome group of people. Zentangle is one of the classes outside of the public school art room that I teach...You know, so I can have extra money to be more art supplies!

If you have never tried Zentangle it is just the most relaxing art form. It it also very addicting so watch out! I also have a Zentangle club at school for 4th and 5th graders. They are the most relaxed kids all day long on Tuesdays after their morning of meditative drawing.

One of tonight's students had her own tangle catalog of at least 200 tangles. It was a really well done collection, very impressive.

Everyone completely focused and working in the moment. 

They even got dad to tangle!

What a great class! Teaching Zentangle for me is like going to the beach and winning the lottery and then buying the beach!  It's just that wonderful. 

However I also got my hair cut and my toes painted this morning so needless to say I got nothing done in my art room today! But Zentangle was awesome!

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  1. We went to a Zentangle class recently and it was lovely.Isn't it impressive what even "non drawers" do! It's the relaxation and no judgement aspect which sets people free to draw how they feel.Good on you offering these classes, and how lovely that you use the money to supplement your supplies.When I taught I used to spend almost $1.000 per year supplementing my classroom budget. Most teachers do!

    1. Judy...I am so glad you enjoy Zentangle. My first year teaching I spent $2500. The hubby said "dont do that again" so the next year I only spent $2000.! It was a title 1 school and well you know. Thanks for the comment.