Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Trip to NAEA New Orleans 2015

I drove from Northern Virginia to New like 1 millions hours! (or so it seemed)
Some artistic road work sighs.

When I was little growing  up in the South we would always see these signs painted on old barns beside the road. It is one of the fondest memories of my mother, who passes away from cancer when I was 13 and she was 33. I also reminds me of going home to Georgia because there was one of these barns we had to pass every time my grandparents picked me up for a visit.

Arriving at the convention 2015

So proud of the YAM Virginia State Flag Winner: Christena Smith

Two of my awesome students at NAEA 2015 representing Virginia: The fish on the top left and the Mask on the bottom Right.

Meeting Donna Staten from Pinterest was awesome...I took her to the airport. It felt like meeting a rock star!

And of course Cassie Stevens

Although I could not eat the beignets at Cafe Du Monde because of my new years resolution of no sugary treats in 2015 it did not stop me from smelling them.
The French Quarter

Artisan street market

The Vender floor

The resin workshop I attended, that is my heart right up front. 

Went to see an event hosted by my cousin-in-law Jon, who is the man-about-town to know in New Orleans.

My 2nd cousin, Will who lives in New Orleans and is the perfect southern gentleman.

Leaving New Orleans headed for spring break. Does anyone know why the birds line up like that and then when another bird squeezes in they all rearrange to have equal spacing? These are the things I think about at red lights!


  1. That ride to the airport - SO much appreciated by Donna and me, for sure! Thank you SO SO much!

    Plus, it was wonderful to meet meet the face behind the blog!

  2. It was a thrill to meet you too Phyl!