Thursday, April 2, 2015

I Know The Best People....

The National Art Educators Association Conference in New Orleans 2015 was just awesome. I got to see old friends and meet really awesome new friends...

Samantha of the most amazing people I know. We started out teaching elementary school together in Spring Branch, Texas. We both worn teacher of the year in 2006 for our schools. Samantha went on to win Teacher of the year for the whole district and then on to rule the world. She is just fabulous!

Holly Bess Kincade....A fellow Texas art teacher who is also now in Virginia and just the most wonderful person to know.  She has got me involved in the  group! Holly was named Virginia Middle School Art Educator of the year 2015. The same time I was named Northern Virginia Elementary Art Educator of the Year. Such a sweet person!

Meeting Donna Staten from Pinterest....It was like meeting a rock star! I was able to give her a ride to the airport, such a sweet person!

Jessica form the Art of Education. I have taken all her conferences on line and we discussed a "less is best" type of approach to teaching. She was kind enough to take a few minutes out of her day to talk to me, so fun!

Cassie Stephens...if you have not been to her blog go now! (but come back) Such a fun person. Her students are so lucky. I attended her workshop on blogging.

Phil...There is a dragon in my art room blog. Such a sweet lady do share her blogging knowledge. I gave her a ride to the airport.

The Sakura group. I am part of a CZT group of art educators who are now working with Sakura to create art lesson plans for the Apprentice Kit from Zentangle. It just does not get any cooler than this!

Jess Beach...Virginia Elementary Art Educator of the Year 2015 and the Virginia YAM Chair! Yes I am friends with the cool lady!
A wonderful random stranger who walked with me to the convention center. Art teachers are the best people to know!

Convention center New Orleans 2015

Tim Gunn.....just so cool!

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