Monday, April 27, 2015

Hylton Center's Second Annual Juried Exhibition.....

I got in!!! yeah! My piece, A Story to Tell ​has been selected for the Hylton Center's Second Annual Juried Exhibition....opening night is June 11th from 6-8

Artist Statement: I started reading The Recluse of Harold Square when my father was in ICU after a heart attack. I had not planned on being there so long but he never woke up after his bypass operation and days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months so I needed something to read. After my dad passed away I did not want to just return the book that had carried me through such a difficult time back to a dusty old bookshelf so I decided to create art with it. A Story to Tell is part of the artwork series I did using words only cut out of that special book.  The premise to the series is that your life, just like the words and pages in the art can be rearranged. If you change the pages you will get a new outcome and there by change your life. We are not stuck on the path we are currently on. If you rearrange things or the words or the way you see things in your life you will change your outcome and your future. If you move the pages of the artwork you will create a new story for yourself.

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